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Boarding should NEVER be boring!
WELCOME! If you're going away - don't send your dog to a "kennel" - send them on their own vacation! We believe dogs need to run and play, not sit in a cage all day! We invite you to look around and find out how Little River can give your dog an exciting, stimulating vacation!


The Mission and Philosophy of the Little River Pet Resort go hand in hand. Our Mission is what we strive to be - and our Philosophy is how we do it. We developed our Mission and Philosophy as dog-owners, not business owners. When I first boarded my own pet I have to admit that I was not entirely comfortable with the thought of him being confined entirely to a cage that was hosed-out once or twice a day. I was not comforted by the fact that his only human interaction was when he was fed twice a day. Luckily, after much research I was able to find a Pet Resort that I felt gave my beloved pet the care and stimulation that he deserved. Our Philosophy is based on the belief that "warehousing," or "storing," a pet is nowhere near good enough. It's based on the knowledge that companion dogs are truly members of our families and require and deserve to have all of their needs met. You are here because you agree. On behalf of the Resort's staff, I welcome you - and on behalf of your cherished pet, I thank you for choosing the best!

Our Philosophy

Companion pets are beings that we have made a deal with. In return for all of the love and companionship that they offer us, we agree to provide for their physical needs, mental stimulation, and emotional care. In order to do this, the Little River Pet Resort is a pet owner's partner and provides for...

PHYSICAL NEEDS - We care for your pet's physical needs by providing food (your regular brand, on your regular schedule), and a constant supply of fresh water. Our resort is heated and air conditioned for our guests' physical health and comfort. We hand clean (no hosing!) each room at least twice per day. You don't think that pets should be forced to go to the bathroom near where they play, eat and sleep, right? Well neither do we! We let our guests go outside in large fenced, grassy yards 6-7 times per day to take care of business! We safeguard your pet's health by requiring that all vaccinations are current for each and every guest of the resort. And for guests staying three days or more, we offer a free bath before check out, as well as discounted bathing and brushing during guests' stays. We meet all of our guests' physical needs, but that is the easy part, and just the beginning of our tasků

MENTAL STIMULATION - We believe that pets are healthier, happier, and better behaved when their mind is stimulated and encouraged, so we offer a daily schedule of sights, sounds and games beginning at 7:00 AM and ending at 10:30 PM each day. Games of fetch or chase with other compatible dogs or our staff challenge pets' minds and ensure that boredom doesn't exist at the Resort. We blow bubbles for our guests to chase and catch. We practice commands that your pet knows. We even keep music playing throughout the day. Bring a kong and we'll fill it with peanut butter once per day. In short, we satisfy your pets need to stay stimulated, inquisitive, and challenged because we believe that boredom and depression should never be a part of boarding!

EMOTIONAL CARE - Yes, we believe that the Little River Pet Resort offers the best care that your pet can get while you're away, but, we still know that your pet is best off with you at home. While we can't completely recreate the same feelings of safety, security and being loved that your pet has at home with you, we try as hard as we can to create the next closest thing. Our staff loves dogs. It is why we are here. We get to know not just their feeding and bathroom habits, but their personalities. We are always conscious of when they are happy or sad, excited or nervous. We meet their emotional needs by offering human and canine interaction throughout the day, extra one-on-one time, soothing music, bedtime snacks, or some extra quiet time. We maximize the things that make them happy, and minimize those things that make them nervous or stressed. We truly believe that every pet has unique emotional needs, and meeting them is just as important to us as making sure that they eat!


Contact Us At...
26479 Royalton Road
Columbia Station, Ohio 44028
Phone: 440/236-8905
Fax: 440/236-3346
E-mail: staff@littleriverpetresort.com
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Our Mission

Recognizing that every pet is a loved member of a family, and that the best place for them is in their own home, the Little River Pet Resort's mission is to provide a loving home-away-from-home for our canine guests and peace of mind to our human clients. We believe that a safe and clean environment is the minimum that our guests deserve; therefore, we will provide the physical care, emotional comfort, and mental stimulation that every pet deserves through a fun and healthy schedule of plenty of outdoor play, rest, and human and dog interaction.

Our basic room rate includes...

  • Hours of outdoor socialized playtime each day in 13 huge fenced play-yards at no extra charge!
  • Caring, professional staff interacting with guests throughout the day
  • Free bath with three-day stay
  • Bedding/toys/treats from home allowed
  • Room to run on our rural 6.5 acres, 10 min. from Strongsville and North Olmsted
  • Bathroom breaks in outdoor, grassy yards, NOT inside or on concrete
  • Convenient office hours 7 days a week
  • Heated / Air conditioned suites
  • Fresh clean bedding provided
  • Secure 100 x 40 foot play yards
  • Socialization with other compatible dogs with your approval
  • Bed-time snack and tuck-in available
  • Pet Vacation photoshoots available on Facebook
  • Meals included in boarding rate
  • Convenient online reservation system

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