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Dear Little River - Just wanted to let you know how happy I was after picking up Yukon when we returned from vacation. He seemed so happy and looked and smelled great after his stay at Little River. I was extremely impressed, and will definitely refer your facility to my family and friends. Thanks again!

- Denise (Brecksville, OH)

Thank you, "Little River", for treating my pets as if they were your own. Ranger and Pebbles are so special to me and I don't like leaving them behind. Unfortunately, they can't always go where I go so it is so comforting to me to have a friendly, fun place for them to stay. I have used other boarding kennels but my dogs like to be out in the grass where they can run around, no other kennels I've encountered offer the outdoor play atmoshphere that you do. They do not want to run back to the car when they see where they are being taken, they actually get excited to be there. It's a good feeling to know that when I go out of town or on a vacation, Pebbles and Ranger aren't just being boarded, they're going on a vacation too!

- Sandy (Elyria, OH)

The Little River Pet Resort does not compare to other kennels that we have used. Harvard has been able to play with other dogs instead of being confined to a short run all alone. Harvard’s experiences and our experiences have been very positive. He is well taken care of during his stays at Little River, which shows in his happiness and tiredness when we pick him up. The Little River Pet Resort staff has been very accommodating by providing Harvard with the care and attention he needs (for example, giving him medication, providing him with baths and lots of attention). We have such a piece of mind knowing that our dog is in good hands while staying at the Little River Pet Resort. We highly recommend furry friends kept in their care!

-Jon & Anna (Brunswick, OH)

I have a “special needs” dog. She doesn't like to be confined, is afraid of people, and has socialization issues. Little River has not only accommodated her, but they have helped her so much. The staff is wonderful, very caring and understanding. The staff are very “dog savvy” people. They know each individual dog and seem to love them all. The facility is clean, with wonderful, charming decorations, not institutionalized looking, nor does the facility have that “animal shelter” look about it.

I love the fact that my dog gets to go out and play and run. I've kenneled my dog at other places, and every time , she'd cry and whine and yap all the way home, she was restless and very hyper. Not so at Little River, I go to pick her up and she's asleep in the backseat! I attribute that to the fact that she's been kept busy all day. She hasn't had time to get bored, they have so many outside play times. Other kennels seem to keep the dogs confined, or maybe offer them a small run. Little River offers them a clean kennel, a run and they get to spend time in fenced in yards quite a few times a day

Maggie comes home tired and happy. At first she is very reluctant to go with strangers, but when I pick her up, she seems to have befriended more animals and people. This is SO good for her.

- Rita

Pet Vacation Photos Available

Want to see what your pup was up to on his or her vacation? We'll take photos like the ones above of your pet's stay with us. We can email the photos to you while you are away, or, you can purchase prints when you pick up your pet. Either way, each photo is only $1.00! Ask for details when you check in.

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Columbia Station, Ohio 44028 (directions)
Phone: 440/236-8905
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Boarding should NEVER be boring!
Weekends and holidays are frequently completely booked well in advance. If you travel over the holidays or know you are going away for the weekend in the future, reserve a room early.

"Do we have fun at Little River?!

What do YOU think?"

Bernie shows off his tongue curling skills.

Cassius and Sierra became friends fast

Duke's a sucker for a belly rub
Harvard and Blue
played all weekend
Baby relaxes after a busy afternoon

"Come on, throw it again!" - Milo

Gracie's quite the swimmer

"I can take him."
- Pebbles
Goldens take great nose shots - this is Charlie
Speaking of Charlie, he also takes great action shots
Babs must have learned the tongue thing from Bernie

Scooter and Bailey take a minute to say "hello"
Goliath shows off a new summer hairdo

Owen and Molson - new friends are great
"Let's meet at the fence at 10:30"
Cassius and Sierra spot something interesting.
A deer?
Sugar and Brandy take a break under the tent
Page loves her bed
"100' long yards to run. Let's use every inch"
The tent is a popular relaxation spot

Pebbles, our first guest!

What'd we say about those goldens and nose pictures? This is Duke

Look for the sign! 26479 Royalton Rd. (Route 82)
Plants, colors, music, framed art, glass block walls - just like home!

"TJ's" Experience at the Little River "

TJ is my nine year old, yellow lab mix "puppy". He grew up having 2 older 'sisters' and one older brother who had to be put to sleep the day before we were to move. Needless to say, TJ was lost without his brother and now he was in a much smaller home anxiety ridden with what may happen next. Neither one of us really knew. But what transcended in the months to come has been a Godsend.

Because of our move I had lost the pet sitters I knew and trusted. Plus I felt like TJ needed a routine that would keep his mind pre-occupied. I had never kenneled any of my dogs, yet I apprehensively began the search for a kennel. The first one I toured was beautiful and had so many things to choose from and pay for I was overwhelmed and actually left unsure if I would be comfortable having him stay there. On the way home, it was a fluke that I saw the sign for Little River Pet Resort. I found their number and website, took TJ for a tour. It was comfort at first sight for both of us!

TJ went for a weekend before I left him for two weeks. Both times I picked him up I had to say hi to him several times before I got his eye contact. He definitely was happy to see me, but it was obvious to me that he could have stayed at the resort for another 2 weeks. I can't tell you how impressed I was to have him act that way.

I am also very impressed with the attention to my own anxiety that was given to me by staff. They kept me posted on his well-being and they always return emails or voice mails when I have had questions. Once again, very important for me to have that communication.

- Trish J.

Little River Pet Resort is the best boarding facility I've ever taking my girls to. I have taken Bella and Elsa to many kennels in the past and they have come home stressed out. When we picked them up from Little River they looked great and were exhausted from all the exercise. The staff at Little River is so caring, they emailed us, even sent us pictures of the girls playing. I will never leave them anywhere else. Thanks you guys for providing them with the same love and care they get at home.

- Julie (North Canton, OH)


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