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What is "Canine Cough?"
Bordetella, also known as "Canine cough" or infectious tranchebronchitis, is a highly contagious, upper-respitory disease which is spread by an airborne virus. The incubation period of the disease is roughly 3-7 days. The main symptom is a gagging cough, sometimes accompanied by sneezing and nasal discharge, which can last a few days to several weeks. Although the coughing is very annoying, it does not usually develop into anything more serious. However, just with a common cold, it can lower the dog's resistance to other disease making him susceptible to secondary infections, and so he must be observed closely to avoid complications. A cough can be transmitted even if a pet is vaccinated. Like children passing a cold around a classroom, canine cough is a risk anywhere dogs come in contact with each other.

How is it cured?
Just as in the case of the common cold, tranchebronchitis is not "cured" but must run its course over a few weeks. Many times antibiotics will be prescribed to prevent secondary infection, and sometimes cough suppressants will be prescribed to reduce excessive coughing, but these medications do not attract the disease itself.

Where can Canine Cough be contracted?
Since airborne viruses can be present anywhere, and can travel for considerable distances through the air, they can affect any dog... even one that never leaves its own back yard. But without proper vaccinations, "canine cough" is more likely in areas with high concentrations of dogs, like, vets, dog shows, dog parks, boarding facilities, etc.

Can my dog be vaccinated to help protect against "Canine Cough?"
Yes. A vaccine against Bordetella is required once per year and recommended every six months for pets that are regularly around other pets. Often, Bordetella vaccinations are not part of a regular schedule of inoculations. Therefore, it is important to request that your dog receive it if you are planning to visit the Little River Pet Resort. It is also important to note that vaccines used to prevent this viral disease are made of one strain of over 100 different strains of the virus and therefore are not as effective against some strains as others. Some strains are not included in any vaccine, therefore, there is no protection against them. The risk of developing a reaction to the vaccine is greatest in the 14 days to 48 hours immediately after receiving the Bordetella vaccine. Therefore, the Little River Pet Resort requires that the vaccine be administered at least 7 days prior to check in.

How does the Resort try to prevent Canine Cough?
Unfortunately, no amount of supervision, sanitation, or personalized care can prevent a dog from "catching" an airborne virus. The Little River Pet Resort, however, does take all possible steps to reduce the risk by requiring immunization for any pet visiting our facility, refusing to board any obviously sick dog, keeping the facility clean and highly sanitary at all times, listening and watching for any signs of sickness, and making sure that any dog requiring veterinary attention receives it as quickly as possible.

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Medical Requirements...

For the protection of all of our guests, before arriving for daycare, boarding, grooming, or any other activity, your pet must have current Rabies, Bordetella, and DHLPP vaccinations, as well as a recent fecal test for parasites (withing the six months before check-in).

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For the health of your pet, we will not make exceptions to these requirements. Please read and understand them well in advance of your pet's stay. Don't hesitate to call if you have any questions.